Surely the best of times…

Although it is relatively rare, we do occasionally see birthday celebrations in Star Trek. Kirk’s birthday is a plot device in STII: The Wrath of Khan and Lieutenant Worf’s birthday celebration is shown in ST: The Next Generation episode “Parallels”.

I happen to like the depiction of characters’ birthdays in Trek.  Somehow it makes those characters feel more real and reveals more about them.  One Star Trek regular whose birthday I do not recall seeing played out on screen is Commander Riker, although I would like to have seen how that would have been handled.  I imagine Riker might be a bit of a party animal and could end up in Sickbay the morning after his birthday.  Oh well.  We’ll never know.

Until recently, I wouldn’t have had the vaguest idea how Jonathan Frakes (the actor whoJonathan Frakes brought Riker to life) might celebrate his birthday.  After having met him last week, however, and seeing how outgoing and funny he is, I imagine he might be a blast at parties – especially one in his honor!   I further imagine that there may be just such a party tonight as today is Frakes’ 59th birthday.  I will have to settle for wishing him a happy birthday from the paragraphs of this blog as I’ve yet to receive my invitation to the shindig. So, a very happy birthday Mr. Frakes and many more to you!  If you get that invite to me by way of email or a telephone call, I might just have time to book a flight.  Nudge nudge, wink wink, ring ring!!

By the way, today would also have been the 90th birthday of the Great Bird of the Galaxy himself, Mr. Eugene Wesley Roddenberry.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Gene a couple of times and found him to be among the warmest, most sincere individuals I have ever encountered.  I hope, wherever he is, he realizes the great impact he and his television shows have had on me and so many millions of others like me.  Wishing you a happy birthday Gene!

6 thoughts on “Surely the best of times…

  1. So Jonathan Frakes and Gene Rodenberry share the same birthday! Wow! [You’ll have to forgive me, but one of the “hats” I wore in my career/avocation as a metaphysical minister/counselor/reader for 30-plus years was that of Numerologist, so numbers have significance to me! I would love to run both Mr. Rodenberry and Mr. Frakes numbers and see if the things I would expect to find revealed by them are indeed present 🙂 By any chance do you know if Rodenberry and Frakes are their actual birth names, would you happen to know what if any middle names they used? If so, please pass them on so I can take a peek at their charts! Thanks 🙂

    • Ooh, that’s very interesting! I should have suspected as much from some of your blog posts. I have a very non-standard set of spiritual beliefs. It sounds like you and I may be somewhat on the same page regarding our views about existence and humankind’s place/purpose in the Universe.

      Anyway, those are, indeed, their birth names. Gene was born “Eugene Wesley Roddenberry” (his middle name was used for the Wesley Crusher character in NextGen). Frakes’ middle name is Scott. A fact I forgot to include in my post is that DIana Muldaur was also born on August 19th (in 1938).

  2. Yes, I suspect we do share some of the same spiritual concepts and views 🙂

    I’m trying to determine the year born for Mr. Roddenberry and Mr. Frakes. If the latter was celebrating his 59th birthday, then he was borni n 1952, yes? And if 2011 would have been Mr. Roddenberry’s 90th, then he would have been born in 1921, correct? With the full birthdates and full birth names, I can pull charts on them both. Would you like me to send them to you? Email me at (and put a reference to what it’s about in the subject line so I’ll know it’s you), and give me your email address and I will send you Profile reports on both that you can download and print if you so desire 🙂

  3. I’m going to go ahead and pull those up… if you decide you want copies, let me know and I’ll tuck them in an email to you as an attachment 🙂

    Granted the system I use for printed reports IS a data-base system utilizing computer software, but the software was written by my good friend and famed Numerologist… my mentor, the late, great Matthew Oliver Goodwin, author of several books on the subject of Numerology, inclusing his two vol. Numerology, the Complete Guide. The information presented has some limitations, but it is quiet comprehensive and chock full of facts! When I do custom readings for clients, I let the system compute the numbers (my least favorite part of putting together a numerology reading!) and then give my personal interpretation of what those numbers reveal. However, even with the computerized version there is a goodly amount of valid information, and I think you might find it interesting. As I said, let me know 🙂

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