About Captain’s Blog

Musings of an aging Star Trek fan.

I was just about old enough to appreciate the appeal of Star Trek when NBC moved the series to a dismal Friday night time slot (10:00 PM if memory serves).  That was past my bedtime but it didn’t matter because by the time I was old enough to stay up that late the series had long ago been cancelled.

Like so many other young people at that time, I really developed my interest in Star Trek during the 1970’s.  Now, almost 40 years on, I am the patriarch of a family full of Star Trek fans.  An interesting juxtaposition as Spock might say.

2 thoughts on “About Captain’s Blog

  1. I am pretty much the only one in may family that’s a true fan of the show. I even have 3 Star Trek tattoos 😉 People say that makes me obsessed; I say I’m just a normal fan of the greatest show EVER!!!!

    • I love “meeting” other fans! 3 tattoos. eh? I have been considering a Trek tatt (to go with the other 4 non-Trek tatts I already have). Perhaps I’ll get it while I’m in Vegas at the Creation Con.

      In any case, once again – pleasure to find you on here. Thanks for checking out the blog!

      \\//_ LLAP

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